Relines and Rebases

Relines and Rebases

Relines and Rebases


Rebasing is recommended when the denture teeth are not yet worn out but the acrylic denture base material needs to be replaced.  A new acrylic base will provide a stable denture without the added expense and time involved in replacing the denture teeth.


The requirement for Relining occurs as bone and tissue shrinkage occurs changing the fit of your dentures.  Relining involves adding new base material to the tissue side of a denture so it fits properly.  Relining can restore your denture to a “like new fit”. Relining affects only the fit of your denture and will not change its appearance or other aspects.

Bone and Tissue changes occur due to Resorption (shrinkage) of oral tissue.  Resorption takes place over time (months even years) and can be due to:

  • Weight loss
  • Loss of teeth
  • Bone loss in upper or lower jaw
  • General physiological aging
  • Disease or illness
Relines and Rebases

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Bone loss continues throughout a lifetime but a reline or rebase every 2-3 years will slow down the resorption of the jaw and keep your dentures tight and stable.