Check-Ups and Maintenance

Check-Ups and Maintenance

Check-Ups and Maintenance

Changes to your dental or medical health may affect the fit and function of your dentures. To ensure optimum denture care and good oral health you should visit your Denturist at least once a year.

  • During your Check-Up, Vladimir Borozdov will assess your dentures for cracks, chips or broken teeth and examine your oral health.

Over time your mouth goes through considerable changes including tissue shrinkage and loss of underlying bone on which your dentures rest. Since your dentures do not change, they may not fit like they once did. Having an oral exam will also help in the detection of oral cancer and/or other abnormal conditions that may exist.

If your dentures are worn out this can cause changes in your ability to bite and in your speech and appearance as well. Your Denturist will advise you on any course of action required to care for your Dentures and Oral Health.

Here are some of the other areas your Denturist will cover during your examination:

  • Updating of your Dental and Medical History
  • Intra-Oral Examination
  • Checking the Integrity of your Dentures
  • Checking the Esthetics, Stability, and Bite of your Dentures
  • Discussing Options available to you Based on your Needs
  • Review of Oral Hygiene Procedures and Denture Care
  • Cleaning and Polishing of your Dentures if Required
Check-Ups and Maintenance

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Vladimir Borozdov can assess your dentures for cracks, chips, and broken or loose teeth. He also will advise you regarding a course of action to remedy the situation